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YDEN6YVJKGA fix was done to the html generation code to allow the DXCategoryList tag to be used multiple times without error.
LBUE7C2PFSAdded MailSets to view selection formula script library.
AHCL7DPJGWFixed concatenated string in Email Helper dialog box, to facilitate string translation.
DCOY7D73Y4Added a new column to the hidden Locations view, to improve performance of Locations List.
ATRS7CAR8DAdded a new section to preview the Unyte URL to the Online Meeting dialog to help the user understand what the URL will be once the meeting has been...
NKEY77UHQSWhen a chair would save a repeating meeting as a draft when the meeting was scheduled to be in another time zone, upon reopening the meeting, the...
ACRS7FRE4TFixed a problem where drag and drop from one folder to another was not working. The "Access denied" symbol was displayed.
BOGN7G4LLPUpdated pubnames.ntf with various updates. This resulted in the Administrator being able to control the ability to create and use Local Composite...
SSCT766KAFRemoved 'Lotusscript Debugger' toolbar icon.
CGRF6W8TSVAdded new code to switch the form into Edit mode which will speed up opening the meeting for the chair.
JRED7CFVYHThe 8.0x versions of pubnames.ntf needed to be modified to account for pre-r8 Settings documents. The problem was that if an address book was...
JSTH7H2KE6Corrected type-o from Fipcencon to Fipsencon in the form and policy.
JTHN7BSTPWAdded the ability to use @IsAppInstalled to check for SODC editors.
TMDS77FS6SAdded new Standard client Internet browser settings and corresponding $qual field. This regression was introduced in 8.0.
BKAN7E2MRBModified hidewhen of New Reservation and Quick Reservation actions to hide if users do not have a minimum of Author access and Write Public...
SHHW7D28RYCalendar subjects are disappeared in Day-At-A-Glance of DJX DWA due to the reference of incorrect view column data. Reference column has been...


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